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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy mentioned herein is subject to the terms of use of the Website

The information provided by the Visitors on the Website shall not be shared with any third parties by us without the prior written consent of the Visitor. Information of a general nature of the Visitors however maybe revealed to external third parties.

The Visitor is solely responsible for all information that it registers with the Website, and, we do not accept any responsibility and/or liability for any information with regard to the user password and the user identification. The Visitor is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all user passwords and identifications, especially while carrying out online or offline transactions involving credit cards or debit cards or such other similar instruments which may have been used on our Website. We assume no liability for the improper use of such sensitive information of the Visitor.

Further, in order to enhance your experience while browsing our Website, we may collect personal information from the Visitor. We may also track your user id, the IP address of your computer and/or device, and may also insert certain information in the form of cookies. You may accept and/or decline the cookies from the Website by changing your user preferences and settings.

Furthermore, we may also require you to fill out a registration form with all your details therein which will provide us with you data which we may store in our database systems. This will also help us to understand your requirements with respect to the property that you are looking for. Also, you agree that we may use the personal information provided by you in the registration form to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, analyse site usage, improve the Website’s content and product offerings, and, customize the Website’s content, layout and services. We may also disclose any part or all of your personal information to law enforcement agencies incase of a bonafide requirement raised by any judicial, administrative, statutory and/or regulatory authority.

The Visitor also agrees that we may use the personal information provided by us to contact you and deliver information that is aimed at targeting your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, forum comments and reviews, portfolio related updates, and, communications relevant to your use of the Website. If you do not want to receive these communications, you may choose to opt out of the same.

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